A benefit for a sustainable Hawaii

The Hawaii State budget for agriculture is less than 1%

A night of world class music and local food

The Mahi’ai who value regenerating the life in the land before they plant are the producers of nutrient density within our food supply.  This is a benefit for those who value local, organic foods to help move agriculture in Hawaii forward.

The Hawaii Farmers Union United (HFUU) is the voice of, and support system for over 1600 members in 13 chapters across Hawaii.  We provide educational programs, support pro-active legislation, and promote cooperation in co-creating a local agricultural movement within Hawaii.

Our Farmers are being tasked to raise the healthiest food possible under the most stressful of circumstances due to climate change, soil degradation, regulations, and the high cost of land and supplies.  Small farmers are having to over work their lands in order to make ends meet, making harmful chemical fertilizers and pesticides a necessity.

Mahi’ai Music Festival is a benefit to celebrate and support the family farmer and re generator of the soil for growing food.  Thank you for doing what you can to help support healthy, diversified local agriculture.

Willie Nelson, Particle Kid, Lukas Nelson Promise of the Real, Marty Dread, and Patrick Simmons Jr.

“Mahi’ai Music and Food Festival is pairing 10 local farmers with 10 local chefs. Enjoy fresh local cuisine at its finest, and meet the farmers behind the food!”

Saturday, August 24, 2019 5-10PM